Morning @ lake

Oh yes, summer is back and we could enjoy a morning at the lake. It was a wonderful morning and Ayden and I were always an attraction when we pass by the lakeside :-) We were 3 hours on the lake. Ayden caught the light tower 30 times. But he still doesn’t like to jump off the board. Always the first jump needs some help from me *evil help* but then he know how to jump into the lake.

Then and Now

I show you 2 pictures. The first one is one year old, the second one is from yesterday. Ye!s Flash, Leonard and Nimoy are growing well :-) You see Flash and me on a picture below. He was the one with the broken leg. Now he is fine again and the most peaceful ram I have. Leonard is the opposite one. When Ayden tries to fetch him, hes the one who tries to go trough the fence, window or whatever with his head. Current score is (Leonard : window): 1 : 0 and (Leonard : fence): 0 : 1.

Then: Now:

Shearing Rams

Shear season began. It was the first time I shore rams. At the beginning they looked like the first picture. Then step by step (it took about 17 minutes for 1 ram (shearing and cutting claws) they got a new look. My feelings was they were not happy about the new summer look :-) But lets see if they change their mind. 



yes we found something new and we have a lot of Fun with the iSUP (inflatable Stand Up Paddle). But pictures says more than word isn’t it? :-)